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Personal Injury FAQ

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You don't need more confusion from lawyers, doctors, and insurance companies if you have just suffered an accident. At Webb, Stokes & Sparks, we want to help with your case as best we can by offering the benefit of our years of experience. That is why we created this frequently asked questions page.

  • What should I sign for my health care provider? - Don't sign anything that looks like it allows your doctor, hospital or chiropractor to be entitled to your benefits. Most people who have auto insurance in Texas have a coverage known as Personal Injury Protection or PIP. This coverage pays a fixed sum in medical bills and lost wages if you are injured in an auto crash. You should control how this money is paid. You may need to use it for your own benefit as opposed to applying it immediately to medical bills for which you may have some other coverage.
  • What is my personal injury claim worth? - No one's exact claim can be determined before a settlement is agreed on by both parties. You should avoid any attorneys who make promises regarding how much they can recover for you in compensation. Medical bills can be calculated, but factors such as emotional damages or pain and suffering are difficult to evaluate.
  • What is contributory negligence? - Your actions may have contributed to the accident and the injuries you sustained. In some cases, contributory negligence on the part of the injured party can reduce the amount of the settlement award. When you have an attorney by your side, you can better defend yourself from being blamed for part of the accident.
  • Who can file a personal injury claim? - Anyone who has been hurt from another person's negligent actions has the right to file a claim for damages, especially when their injuries cause them extensive pain and expenses. By proving the other person's liability, you become entitled to compensation.
  • When should I file a claim? - The statute of limitations for personal injuries and wrongful death is two years. What this means for you is that you should has your case resolved or a lawsuit filed within two years of your accident in order to be eligible for compensation. If you have not settled your case or filed a lawsuit within the two year statute of limitations, your claim will be barred. Contact a San Angelo personal injury attorney from our firm to start your recovery today!
  • Why do I need a personal injury attorney? - Victims of accidents are not required by law to retain a lawyer, but the benefits are considerable. Those with representation by an attorney recover much more compensation on average than people who file a claim on their own. You should make sure you have a reliable and aggressive attorney representing you against insurance companies.
  • How much does a personal injury attorney cost? - At Webb, Stokes & Sparks, there is no charge for a consultation with our attorneys to discuss your potential claim. If we take your case, you only pay a fee if we make a recovery on your behalf.

Call our San Angelo personal injury attorneys if you have further questions or need representation for an injury claim.

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