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Serious Industrial Injuries

Severe Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents can be particularly severe when heavy equipment and dangerous substances are involved. With multiple contractors and a variety of machines and equipment present, all kinds of mishaps can occur. Sometimes corners are cut in the interest of productivity. Safety devices are removed and adequate protection is not provided.

Burns and dismemberment are disfiguring and therefore all the more emotionally damaging. Burns may require multiple painful surgeries. Those who lose limbs may be able to use prosthetics, but they are very expensive and require rehabilitation and training. The self-consciousness or embarrassment of missing a limb takes time to overcome. Contact a San Angelo dismemberment attorney today!

Working for Our Clients

These are the cases that touch us all deeply, and we are motivated to do all we can for our clients. Webb Stokes & Sparks searches for any and all sources of maximum compensation for our clients. Even though workers' compensation law does not allow for suit against your employer, limiting recovery to work comp benefits − manufacturers of defective equipment and third parties can be sued.

Large monetary awards are often made by juries seeing victims of dismemberment, or spinal cord injury in court. We prepare our cases with evidence of negligence, and, where available, we demand punitive damages on top of any compensation. Dismemberment and burn injuries simply shouldn't happen in today's work environment and those responsible should pay dearly. If you have lost a loved one to wrongful death in a fatal accident, you should be compensated.

Webb Stokes & Sparks is a personal injury law firm with vast experience and resources. Our partners are Board Certified Specialists in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Contact us today.

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