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Motorcycling Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in San Angelo

Recovering Damages for Catastrophic Motorcycle Accidents

Some of the most devastating traffic accidents that occur on the road today are motorcycle accidents. When drivers of cars, vans, and trucks are involved in accidents, they have the protection of seat belts, air bags, and the vehicle surrounding them. Motorcyclists have none of these protections, only a helmet and protective clothing. There is very little to prevent catastrophic personal injury such as broken bones, internal injuries, head trauma, and spinal cord injuries when a motorcyclist is hit by another vehicle.

Negligence is the leading cause of motorcycle accidents in San Angelo and across the country. Motorists who fail to check their mirrors or look over their shoulders before changing lanes are much more likely to hit an unsuspecting motorcyclist in the lane beside them. Even when drivers perform these duties, they can still fail to notice a motorcyclist if they are not paying close enough attention. If you were hit by a motorist who did not take the necessary steps to ensure that it was safe to merge, change lanes, turn a corner, or drive through an intersection, then you may have grounds to file a claim for your motorcycle accident.

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