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Broken Bones

If you have endured a bone injury because of someone else's negligence, you should contact Webb, Stokes & Sparks today. We are dedicated to holding negligent parties accountable and ensuring victims receive the care they need. We’ll handle the legal process while you recover from your injuries- start your claim today with a free case evaluation from our lawyers.

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Bone fractures are a very common type of injury. Many people have a story of breaking a bone while playing sports, hiking, or doing another activity. Sadly, your reason for breaking a bone may not have been as fun as the reasons listed above. In some cases, broken bones result from the negligence of others. If you have sustained a broken bone in an accident caused by someone else, Webb, Stokes & Sparks can help you recover compensation for your damages. Contact us today to discuss your case with our broken bone injury attorneys in San Angelo.

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Types of Bone Fractures

There are different types of bone fractures. By identifying the type of bone fracture a person has sustained, a doctor can determine what damage the victim may have incurred and the treatment that may be required.

Your broken bone may be classified as one of the following types of bone fractures:

  • Stable fracture — Stable fractures can be described as a “clean break.” The broken bone may stay in place.

  • Compound or open fracture — A broken bone is considered as a “compound” or “open” fracture if the skin is broken when the injury occurs. The broken bone may pierce through the skin or you may be able to see the bone in the open wound.

  • Comminuted fracture — If a broken bone shatters, the injury may qualify as a comminuted fracture.

Common Causes of Broken Bones

Broken bones can result from a variety of different accidents. Most often, this type of injury is caused by immense pressure placed on the bones, such as a collision or fall.

Some of the most common causes of broken bones include:

Treatment of Broken Bones

The way a broken bone is treated depends on the location and severity of the fracture. Standard fractures are generally treated by putting the affected body part into a cast or splint, along with rest time and pain management.

In more severe cases, a person who has broken a bone may need to undergo surgery to reconstruct the hurt area. This may include the installation of a medical device such as rods, pins, or plates.

Dealing with a Bone Fracture Injury

Recovering from a broken bone often involves weeks of rest, and may require more involved treatment such as surgery. Regardless of how severe your fracture is, it’s likely that you will be unable to return to work or get back to your normal life in general for a long time. This can result in additional expenses beyond your medical bills. You may lose significant wages while you are healing from your broken bone. As a result, you may be unable to pay your bills.

A successful personal injury claim can provide compensation for all of these expenses. You can also be compensated for the non-economic damages that have resulted from your injury. This may include pain and suffering, stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotional effects.

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