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Blogs from May, 2015


When a young Marine was killed in a car crash outside of a San Angelo bar in 2013, his father sought out legal counsel for bringing the negligent parties to justice. He turned to Attorney Mary Noel Golder of Webb, Stokes & Sparks for trustworthy representation and advocacy.

Recently, Attorney Mary Noel Golder was able to resolve this legal matter for her client. She successfully secured a $5 million judgment for the father of the deceased Marine. While the Marine’s father will probably never recover any money due to the fact that the business was not insured, Attorney Golder and her client were well aware of this from the beginning. Their mission was not to obtain money, but justice and peace of mind. The Marine’s father wanted the bar owner to be held responsible in this tragic event.

Holding the Negligent Bar Accountable

The Marine was an intelligence instructor with Goodfellow Air Force Base prior to his death at 28-years of age. While driving his motorcycle down the road, he crashed into a pickup that was pushed into the road by two men who had previously been drinking at the bar. One of the men was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 10 years of probation, while the other still awaits trial. Last fall, a $2 million judgment was obtained from the truck driver.

Attorney Golder was quoted by the San Angelo Standard-Times saying “Our goal from the beginning was to put the Party Ranch out of business.” According to her statement, they “want bars to be responsible and when they act irresponsibly, there should be consequences.”

The former Party Ranch owner, defendant in this and another death case, closed the bar in 2014. While the father still struggles to overcome the grief of his son’s death, he is satisfied that some measure of justice has been achieved.

You can read more about this case, by clicking here.

Attorney Golder was honored to serve her client during this challenging and emotional case, using her legal skills and experience to hold Party Ranch accountable.

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