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Blogs from June, 2013


Controversy recently struck the Texas Senate, as debate raged over the passage of abortion restrictions in Texas. The issue is a sensitive and controversial one, and following the filibuster of the bill by representative Wendy Davis, discussion and discourse over the bill has steadily continued.

Regardless of your stance on such a polarizing conflict, a clear positive has emanated from the fallout - this important and influential debate is getting the coverage and in-depth focus it deserves from news sources like the Texas Tribune. The non-profit media source streamed coverage of the filibuster as it occurred and has since followed up on the issue with great depth in recent days.

While it is difficult for many groups to unite on such a polarizing topic, keeping the public well-versed on the issues at stake in such a debate is something everyone can agree benefits the democratic process of our state and nation. There will always be disagreement over the policy of government, but there can be accord with respect to the positive impacts of an informed public and a more open government. The Texas Tribune helps make such a vital pursuit possible.

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